Montana Leading the Energy Transition

Montana Leading the Energy Transition

The accelerated transition to clean renewable energy will define our economy in the next 20 years, and Western Montana needs a representative with the knowledge and experience to lead us forward. Our federal government can provide incentives to help create or expand new and diverse climate-friendly businesses, at the pace and scale this climate emergency demands. Western Montana is poised to be at the forefront, growing high-paying solar, wind, geothermal, energy technology and energy efficiency jobs. With the right investments and leadership, which I’m ready to help create, we can harness our natural resources and human ingenuity to assist this energy transition, enabling healthier air, water, people and a safe and stable climate. I have worked with renewable energy producers throughout my professional career. I know how our laws and policies actually work – or don’t work – on the ground. My experience advocating for farmers, ranchers, energy producers and everyday Montanans makes me the best choice to represent us in Congress. I will jump right in to drive new efforts that are truly effective, equitable, and reduce carbon pollution, allowing us to meet this energy transition moment. Montana communities whose economies have depended on producing coal, oil and gas face an uncertain future unless Congress and the federal government assist their transitions. I believe we can secure a livable future for all by enabling and funding the reclamation and restoration work those communities are prepared to do. And we can make sure that workers and communities in those industries will be able to take advantage of the abundant new opportunities created by the growth of solar, geothermal, and wind – all of which we are blessed with today. Source: 7/25/2022


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