We are facing historic inflation and the rate of consumer prices increases have hit a 13-year high. Costs of everything from building supplies and energy to groceries and home products have gone up since last year – and not just by a little. Under President Biden, Montanans are paying more. It’s bad enough that the Biden-Harris Administration has already cost Montana jobs and much needed revenue through the shortsighted cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline and the ill-fated moratorium on energy development on federal lands. By comparison, when Ryan Zinke led the Interior Department, federal energy revenues increased by billions – which meant more money for Montana and better energy prices. ($30 million in 2019) It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Whitefish, Whitehall, or Wibaux, Montanans feeling the pinch right now, and it could get a whole lot worse. Uncontrolled Washington spending plus rising consumer prices is a surefire recipe for a recession. We’re already seeing too many small businesses unable to find workers, even while unemployment remains low. We can’t allow our economy to nosedive. Congress must: - Pass additional tax reform - Rein in the insane government spending - End earmarks - Cut red-tape and government mandates on businesses and job creators It was only months ago that the U.S. economy was booming under President Trump’s pro-growth economic policies. Unemployment was at a half-century low, around 3.5%. Median household incomes increased about 10% over the end of the Obama-Biden years, and the poverty rate was the lowest in recorded history. We can get back to boom with pro-growth policies. Source: https://www.ryanzinke.com/issues/a-strong-economy/ 7/25/2022


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