Infrastructure & Broadband

Infrastructure & Broadband

Infrastructure is all those assets that we own in common – roads, bridges, schools, airports, hospitals, broadband and so forth – that make it possible for us to work productively and live well. It is essential to a healthy economy in which everyone can prosper. For many years, our infrastructure was allowed to deteriorate, but recently Congress passed an infrastructure bill that begins to turn that deterioration around. It’s crucial that we have someone in Washington who will fight to get every dollar we can to Montana. Small businesses, public schools, and rural hospitals alike need reliable access to Broadband. When meeting with Montanans, I’ve heard stories of students sitting in fast food restaurants to do their homework and small businesses who can’t accept credit cards because of lack of internet access. Montanans deserve better infrastructure and I’ll work hard to make sure they get it. Source: 7/25/2022


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