Local Stewardship

Local Stewardship

I’ve spent 20+ years as an attorney in Montana working with and for Montanans. I’ve helped my clients protect their property rights from megacorporations. The Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act brought ranchers, loggers, recreationists, business owners, and conservationists together to chart a path forward for the Blackfoot River Watershed. It is an example of neighbors working through differences to achieve a common goal. Montanans need a leader in the US House of Representatives who will join with Senator Jon Tester in supporting this bill that was crafted by the people on the ground who will be most affected by it – Montanans. In Congress, I’ll continue to put local Montanans’ interests and voices at the forefront of conservation decisions. Source: https://monicatranel.com/issues/ 7/25/2022


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