Increasing Mental Health Services

Increasing Mental Health Services

Suicide and homelessness among our veterans are unacceptable. Too many of our service members are suffering, and have become invisible. One Vietnam vet told me that he felt as though the country was simply waiting for his era of vets to just die. This must change. Veterans who suffer from PTSD after returning from combat lack adequate access to mental health services and treatment options. I visited the new Southwest Veterans Home in Butte, where the oldest WWII vet from Pearl Harbor lives, and saw a great example of care being delivered in the community so our veterans can age in dignity and be close to their families. I am committed to supporting and providing funding for the nine new veterans clinics, vet centers, or telehealth clinics across Montana, including the veterans clinic expansion in Missoula and the new Southwest Veterans Home in Butte, so more Montana veterans have access to and receive care. Source: 8/11/2022


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