The Federal Employee Accountability & Reduction (FEAR) Act

The Federal Employee Accountability & Reduction (FEAR) Act

Because there’s nothing a bad government bureaucrat fears more than losing their free ride. Zinke's 10-Point FEAR Act 1. Create a clear pathway to remove government employees for cause 2. Cap the number of years a person can work for the federal government (non-military) 3. Cap government salaries so no government employee, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, can make more than the President of the United States 4. Eliminate preferred hiring practices for non-veteran government employees & eliminate expedited agency-to-agency hiring 5. Prevent political appointees from "burrowing in" to career government employee positions 6. Require the Office of Personnel Management to electronically post salaries and titles of all political appointees every quarter 7. Create a pathway to downsize the federal government through attrition, defunding, and repealing recent actions to expand the IRS and DOJ 8. Create an automatic trigger law stripping current and former federal government employees of their retirement & benefits if they are convicted of violent or federal crimes or any crimes they are able to commit because of access to victims or information from their employment 9. Require certain federal agencies to relocate out of the Washington, D.C. metro area and closer to the customers they serve 10. Require the General Services Administration to sell unused office buildings in cerain oversaturated urban centers like DC, Denver and San Francisco Source: 8/17/2022


Zinke’s “Fear” plan is an insult to every man & woman that works for the federal government in Montana. Our public servants deserve better, Montana deserves better. Tranel brings positive ideas to the state after listening to voters, she will make a much better representative.

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